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Todd Gordon


EisnerAmper clients are based in the U.S., or comprised of U.S. business interests of foreign entities. To serve domestically-based clients with interests in financial services opportunities overseas, Eisner Amper offers the resources of offices in the UK, Israel, India and  EisnerAmper Global, with offices in the Cayman Islands, Singapore, and Ireland; as well as the services of Allinial Global. Todd, leads the information security team and is an experienced, detail-oriented, and innovative professional with proven performance in information security, enterprise-level systems administration, and project management.
Ivan Durbak
Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center


Ivan Durbak is CIO at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. In this role he leads an IT organization that supports the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center community, including two major hospitals, two nursing homes, a large emergency room and a large clinic ambulatory environment that sees nearly one million patients a year
Rafi Buchnick
US Head of Technology Risk
Royal Bank of Canada


Hello, my name is Rafi Buchnick. I am a risk and security expert with extensive experience leading cross-functional teams, assisting them in the delivery of secure IT solutions. I ensure protection for global business operations and mitigate cyber risks for multiple clients, worldwide and am recognized for my impeccable record, in protecting client business interests, and any further damages to operations, during forensic investigations. After serving as Captain in Israel’s IDF Intelligence Corps, I began my career working as Chairman of the Board, ‘Bashan’ Market and Productions. From there, I progressed to a position as Financial Controller, Schneider Children Medical Center, and then, as Division Deputy Head at the Israel Institute for Biological Research. The rest of my work history is detailed in this profile. For more than fifteen years, I have been involved in ensuring security operations and planning for business continuity, should there be a disruption in services and/or the occurrence of a natural or manmade disaster/cyberattack. I am successful because of my meticulous attention to detail, as well as my ability to communicate technical information in easy-to understand language. I know I am only as good as the team I assemble, so I take time to train, coach, and mentor team members for career growth and business success. My key areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, Information Security, Risk Assessments/Mitigation, Stakeholder Communication, Regulatory Compliance, Technology & Application Vulnerability Review, Investigations to Support Client Business Interests, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity, Cross-Functional Team Collaboration, Cost Reduction, Project Management, Industry Best Practices, and Increasing Cyber Capabilities.
Ibrahim Jackson
Founder & Managing Director
HCM Staffing and Consulting


Ibrahim works with technology, human resource, and other business leaders to develop, upskill, and retool teams of people for next practice leadership in a changing world of work. By providing workshops, coaching, and consulting, with a team of industry experienced professionals, to large-scale enterprises and government agencies, employees are prepared for future opportunities today. Our underpinning Digital Professional Framework governs our people transformation programs with a focus on four key areas: 1. Digital Depth 📱 2. Business Acumen 📊 3. Interpersonal Skills 🤝 4. Social Impact 🌎 Whether transformation, modernization, evolution, or restructuring, all of these changes have a basis for moving the organization forward. Leaders are trusted and relied upon to bring sustainable change to successful completion using competence, appropriate practices, skills, behaviors, and mental models to galvanize people and achieve sustainable change, continuous improvement, and make the most significant impact, so their organization realizes optimal value. TRAINING Our focus on digital and leadership attracts technology leaders and human resource executives working on developing people that need to be ready to lead in an era of emerging technology and where business models are expanding and evolving. We provide standard training, bespoke modules customized to the needs of the organization, modules tailored to the specific business objectives of the organization, and on-demand modules. Our learning journeys are immersive, experiential, and applicable to the particular business challenges our clients have. COACHING While many challenges and opportunities across organizations may be similar, their specific context, focus area, and goals are often unique. Having a coach or executive coach that can be an extension of your brain trust often leads to better decision making, improved results, and career elevation. We use a variety of coaching and group coaching models that help our clients excel at the aforementioned. CONSULTING By pairing our client's institutional knowledge with our broad range of expertise from across many industries, we help leaders tackle today's problems so that they achieve a competitive advantage on their journey towards making a material difference in their business. We perform simple to complex assessments, primary and secondary research, and strategy development where and when needed. When working with us, we own your problem, allowing you to capitalize on the solution's rewards.
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