The Greatest Fears?

CXO Council

February 16, 2023 - South Africa


Anathi Mtila

Manager: Cyber Defence


Council Speaker

Highly motivated and result-driven technical Cyber Security Manager specializing in Cyber Defence, IAM and Security Architecture. Gained a lot of experience as a consultant servicing clients( different industries) in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. With hands on experience in CyberArk and Sailpoint projects, she believes having a skill in both IGA and PAM is important when it comes to helping organizations eliminate any coverage gaps vulnerable to hackers and fully protect themselves from internal and external breaches whilst leveraging security monitoring and triage capabilities.

Bright Gameli Mawudor

Cyber Security Thought Leader


Council Speaker

With Bright's growing expertise in information technology, a seasoned Cybersecurity Engineer with strong expertise in Cyber resilience strategy building, risk management adoption, vulnerability management and system penetration testing. Bright has presented at over 140 Cyber Security conferences, lectured at various universities, and contributed to cybersecurity publications. He has capitalised lean analytical and problem-solving skills to maximise network performance through Cyber Security tools, implementing load-balancing techniques, and steering system optimisation. Coupled with his skillset is a strong entrepreneurial instinct, that he has engaged to pioneer the Cyber Security collective Africahackon. An organisation that aims at the naturing talent in the Cyber Security space.

Caesar Tonkin

Head of Cyber Security


Council Speaker

Caesar Tonkin has 21 years IT track record, of which in the last 13 years, he has extensive local and global Cyber Security leadership experience. He was previously the CEO in a niche cyber security business before it was acquired by a major Service Provider. He also has had BU Head of Cyber Security accountability in Managed Service Providers - from market growth to managed security service delivery. Currently he is Head of Division/MD of Armata Cybersecurity. He has credibility in the South African and African Cyber Security profession, including with CISO peers, and CXOs.

Kenneth Palliam



Council Speaker

Experienced IT Assurance, Risk, Security and Governance Consulting Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and financial services industry. Skilled in IT Audit, Enterprise and IT Risk Management, Internal Audit, IT Strategy and Governance, Business Continuity and Project Management.


Principal ICT Officer

Water Resources Authority

Council Speaker

An ICT professional with over 10 year's experience in the development, implementation, and monitoring of Water Resources Information Management Systems. This includes Water Resources Decision Support System, Knowledge Management, Flood Early Warning System, Climate risk assessment, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, and Laboratory Information Management System. I am passionate about water and climate-related innovation and research leading to strategic management and sustainable conservation measures in the face of water resources scarcity and climate change risks. Presently , I am actively engaging in Anticipatory and Innovative Governance.

Michael Michie


Standard Chartered

Council Speaker

With over 8 years of experience in the technology space from various industries. Prior to his role at Solv Michael was the Head of Information Technology and Innovation at TripleOKLaw firm, where he led the law firm through a successful digital transformation and implementation of new legal tools leveraging technology. Michael’s career started in 2014 at M Oriental Bank as a management trainee and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Head of Information Technology in 2016. In 2018 he took on the role of Chief Information Security Officer at M Oriental bank. Michael has several industry awards most notably the Business daily Top 40 under 40 Men in 2019 for his role in digital transformation within the legal industry becoming the youngest awardee of the award. An advocate for of dyslexic thinking and mental health in the workplace, Michael is a published academic writer and columnist within the technology industry.

February 16, 2023


All times South Africa Standard Time

3:00 PM-4:15 PM

The Greatest Fears?

The biggest fear is not the technology, it is the potential of human error that could expose your organization to a cyberattack. The majority of CISOs agree that an employee carelessly falling victim to a phishing scam is the most likely cause of a security breach. Most also agree that they will not be able to reduce the level of employee disregard for information security. How do we guard against human error without limiting employee efficiency and productivity?