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C-Vision International is a global event and advisory firm dedicated to convening leading visionaries in an exclusive environment for peer to peer collaboration. Our programs highlight critical business challenges and deliver the best available applied sciences aimed to change the world. Your vision is our mission. Let us help you build your company’s future today, not tomorrow.

Key Discussions

What's AI Doing for You?
The Great Talent Void
Creating Transformation Through Data & Analytics
The "New" Workspace
Navigating 3rd Party Risk
Filling the Talent Void
The Greatest Fears?
Technology Supply Chain
Selling Your Vision Across the C-Suite
Diversity & Inclusion
Marketing Operations and Analytics
An Emphasis on Retention
Invest Heavily in Digital Transformation
Retaining Talent
Embracing Disruption
AI, RPA & Blockchain

Over the years I’ve been a CISO at large financial institutions and I know first hand that technology does not solve cybersecurity concerns alone. We need partnerships, we need relationships that stand the test of time and that is really what our partnership with C-Vision International is all about. It’s about having that dialogue with CISOs around the world, developing the relationships that are durable over time. That’s what creates value for the organizations and that’s what creates value for us as a business. We are proud to partner with C-Vision.

Karl Mattson
Karl Mattson
CISO Noname Security

My experience with C-Vision has really been phenomenal. This is not my first datapoint. We did a panel in the fall and I’ve participated in a number of panels and it was uniquely one of the most enjoyable. They let us get edgy. The person leading the panel was asking fabulous, very curious questions, and I see that reflected today as well. I like how they lead, how they communicate and how they desperately want to bring people together to solve the problems we are seeing in the world today.

Allia DeAngelis
Allia DeAngelis
Digital Transformation Advisor & Strategist Accenture

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